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Is LED really energy efficient?
1、 energy saving. The energy consumption of white light LED is only 1/10 of incandescent lamp and 1/4 of energy-saving lamp. Current LED lamp luminous efficiency: 70-80 lumens / watt.
2、 longevity. Life of up to 100 thousand hours or more, for ordinary family lighting can be described as "once and for all."".
3、 can work in high-speed state. If the energy saving lamp starts or closes frequently, the filament will blacken and will soon be broken.
4、 solid state package, belong to cold light source type. Therefore, it is easy to transport and install, can be installed in any micro and closed equipment, is not afraid of vibration, basically need not consider heat dissipation.
5、 LED technology is changing with each passing day, and its luminous efficiency is amazing breakthrough, and the price is decreasing constantly. A white LED into the family is fast.

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